Are You Making These Writing Mistakes?

Editing is an art, but are your editing habits effective? Check this list to make sure you are using techniques that make the most of your time. Post by Debbie L. Belair Write the first draft out while your ideas are still fresh. Outline's help you stay on track. First, don't edit as you write.  …

What does success mean to You?

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How do you measure success?  This is a great topic at this time of the year. I spent most of my holiday time this year taking Linked in courses.  I will share some tips with you.

The meaning of success should be attached to what you want, not what other people want. Your vision of success might be clearly different than your friends– I hope it is.

If you want to be happy and feel successful then first you need to have a vision of your personal success.  To aim for perfection in anything is not possible, and will only make you feel miserable.  Yes, it is important to make your best effort.

Many people have great skill in something but they aren’t successful because they didn’t plan well enough. Here are a few things you can do.

Set Goals

Writing down goals is a great way to start.  It’s…

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Tips for increasing reader Engagement

You can't just write for any audience.  The question is how do we know what our audience wants to read? Many novice writers think that everybody should be interested in what they write and post online.  There is so much competition for the reader's time, and readers usually want something quick and easy to read.  …

Rest for Success & Why Busy is Seriously Overrated – Written By Kristen Lamb

I agree with you, we are much too busy. I devoted myself to Linked In learning over Christmas, and now I am tired and under the weather and don’t want to do anything. The brain and body need rest.

Writer's Treasure Chest

Kirsten Lamb published a blog post about resting for success and tells us why busy is overrated. Thank you so much for all your help and advice, the past years and, of course, in 2019 too!

It’s winter here in Texas, which means almost next to nothing since Texas is a female state. Today, I think I will be SPRING! No…winter. Wait, why not BOTH?

While the temperature is all over, and most of the time we have no clue what to wear each day (aside from one of everything), the plants and animals at least seem to have a plan. They go dormant, hibernate and basically take time to REST.

**Sorry about the four-letter word.

Rest might seem an odd topic for the first week of January when everyone is ALL SYSTEMS GO. Yet, failure to appreciate the importance of R&R is why I believe so many people fail…

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What Works In Marketing?

Marketing is a big topic in today's digital world.  Trends change, but basic human nature doesn't change.  The type of business you do may dictate the kind of marketing approach you use.  See what you may have overlooked. Many experts believe that you should develop a marketing plan.  Personally, I have found that writing down …

What are the benefits of Podcasting?

See why podcasts are becoming the new marketing tool. Debbie L. Belair What is a Podcast? Remember radio shows? Now you can listen to digital audio episodes.  You can download them and listen to them at your convenience.  They are categorized according to your interests.  The best source is Itunes, and you can download iTunes …

7 more ways to increase blog Traffic

Finally, here is the post that follows 7 ways to increase blog Traffic.  Summer has got in the way again, but I'm back from my holidays.  The information on this blog comes from a book written by Robin Houghton, and it's new. Post by Debbie L. Belair Keywords Use longer and more specific long-tailed keywords.  …

Word Painting – The Fine Art of Writing Descriptively by Rebecca McClanahan

Once Upon a Time....

Word Painting

Here are 11 secrets to keep in mind as you breathe life into your characters through description that Rebecca finds to be very important in writing descriptively.

  1. Description that relies solely on physical attributes too often turns into what Janet Burroway calls the “all-points bulletin.”

When we describe a character, factual information alone is not sufficient, no matter how accurate it might be. The details must appeal to our senses. Phrases that merely label (like tall, middle-aged, and average) bring no clear image to our minds. Since most people form their first impression of someone through visual clues, it makes sense to describe our characters using visual images. Green eyes is a beginning, but it doesn’t go far enough. Are they pale green or dark green? Even a simple adjective can strengthen a detail. If the adjective also suggests a metaphor—forest green, pea green, or 

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