How you can avoid writer’s block


The Key is not to worry so much


We all worry so much about having our writing rejected and we feel unsure of ourselves. This is called the “Can I do this syndrome?”
The problem is that we all have to face rejection, so forget about the idea of being perfect. It’s lonely at the top anyway.

Many authors use writing prompts as a warm up exercise. Check out Writer’s Digest prompts at There are free downloads and other cool information. Another thing some people do is write for 5 minutes using a timer. You will be amazed at how far this can take you–so remember, don’t throw things out–you never know when that writing can come in handy.

I find it useful to keep a journal of everything I write, including favorite words and phrases. I don’t throw out anything because every writing problem can be fixed. I recommend a book called Revision and self-editing for publication. Belle advises to repeat often: It can be fixed, and it is a good idea to place this reminder in a place near your desk where you can see it every day.

some authors find it useful to write with an outline. This doesn’t mean that you have to stick to it, but it gives you a starting point. Least but not last is write without editing until that part of the piece is finished. Happy writing and I’ll see you in the next post.

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