Write great Titles

This post describes why Titles are important, and how to hook your reader.


Brainstorming possible titles is a good way to start, and then work with a working Title.  Find key words in your content that will help describe what the content is about, and what the benefits are for the reader. Make a list of words that summarize the material. Experts say that 5 to 10 words is good.  According to Hubspot.com. Shorter titles are more likely to be shared.  Others think that long tailed words are better for the search engines.  There is still some debate on this one.

Why are titles so important?

A good title ensures that the content that follows is good. Your content is more likely to be read because it piques interest for readers. The reader will identify quickly if the content will serve his/her needs.   Titles help identify if the content will promise something or solve a problem for the reader.  Don’t forget that content with a good title has a better chance of being published.

A Great Title will be


Important questions to ask yourself

Will the content improve the reader’s life in any way? For example, will it offer new skills or offer hope to the re

Avoid negative titles, always use positive ones according to Jean Marie Stine on Writing Successful self-help & How to Books.


Make it easier for the reader to skim the material and tip them off to important points to come.  They also give your copy a more polished uncluttered look. Remember that using white space makes the page look more professional.

Titles should reflect the benefits to readers, and it should pique their interest in the subject they are about to read. Will the content better the reader’s life in some way?

Keep Writing!

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