A few ideas to get started as a Copywriter

This post describes a few things to keep in mind if you are considering a career in copywriting.

A good start is to start blogging on social media sites and build an online presence. This is a good way to build relationships.   Most copy now is digital.  It’s helpful but not necessary to have a simple website.  Sean Kayne (an instructor) says its good to use paper and pencil because if the technology isn’t in the way then you make fewer mistakes and it’s easier to let your ideas flow.

One golden rule is “know thy audience.” One way to do this is to build an avatar for the audience you write for.  This is merely building fictional characters with profiles.  This gives you a clear picture of who you are selling to and what their needs are.

Don’t get hung up on the text.  Images and infographics help engage the reader.  If you know how to make videos that’s great.  Some people have said that media convert more customers.  There are a few quality sites out there that allow you to download free images.  One is pixabay.com and of course, there is flickr.com.  If you are using an image that is not free you must provide the name of the person who took the photo. I learned that the hard way.

Build a personal brand.  Udemy.com is a great place to learn copywriting skills at a low cost.  Branding has consistent colors, fonts, and even line spaces.  Even the photos I use for my web site have consistent colours.  Branding will allow your work to be identified and remembered by customers.

Write quality Blog comments.  Posting on other’s blogs helps build those relationships, and shows that you are a serious writer.  More people will notice your writing if you do this.

Use Google Key word planner if you have problems coming up with key words. Key words allow readers to find your material easier–they drive traffic to your site, and helps you rank with search engines too.

Write quality content.  More isn’t always better, in fact, I have been taught that clear and concise writing appeals more to readers.  Using headings and bullets make it an easy read.  Most online readers don’t actually read all the content, they skim.  Short and to the point is best.

Know the difference between features and benefits.  features are a physical characteristic of something, and benefits are what it does for the customer.  You will convert more sales if you appeal to the readers’ emotions.  Above all your content must be engaging.

These tips are only a few ways to get started.  There are plenty of learning opportunities online if you have strong writing skills to start.  A good resource is by Strunk&White called The Elements of Style.  This is a great little book that was recommended for my shelf.

Keep Writing.





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