How you can learn new writing Habits

Do you compare your self to other authors?  Here is what you can do instead?

Why Role model?

Instead of comparing your writing to others you can emulate the habits of other authors.  You can take the qualities of a writer you admire and use it as a springboard for your own writing.  Read author bios to find out how they got where they did. Sometimes they discuss challenges they had, and how they were overcome.  You can be inspired by other authors says Kelly L. Stone, author of Living write. A great read if you are serious about writing. Visit

I’ve heard about writers who copy out whole pages or chapters from their favorite authors hoping some of their qualities “will rub off” on them. Other writers interview successful writers.

You can pick and choose qualities of different writers to change your own habits and routines.  Both fiction and non-fiction writers do this.  I suppose you could try this with blogging too as long as you keep your material original.  If you are afraid of plagiarizing you can always use the software Copyscape. Students often use this so they don’t accidentally steal the writing of somebody else.

Create an Avatar

The biggest reasons for Role modeling is for inspiration and motivation.  Other reasons include learning new sets of skills and insight from other writers.  This method is great if you don’t like writing groups or you are sensitive to your writing. It’s useful to attend writing conferences too.

Stone talks about creating an avatar of the kind of writer you want to be and keep it close by when you are writing– she even has an exercise in her book to help you do this.

Role modeling helps you recognize that you belong to a group of people with the same ambitions you have.  You can try following them on twitter or facebook too. Finally, studying other authors is helpful because each writer has a unique background. It should be an eclectic experience.


Keep Writing

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