Writing headlines like the Pros

A nice little review of some online courses I took recently. Find out how to write better headlines.  Don’t let the future of blogging be doomed.

Why they’re the most important part of your copy or Blog Post

It’s the way to capture the reader’s attention…if you want them to read the rest of your copy or blog post. Your headline should sound like you are talking to one person.  Create a persona to identify your target audience. Headlines are crucial for bloggers too.  This was one of the things I learned after a year of blogging. It was why I wasn’t getting enough traffic.

A strong headline Will...

  • include a promise or surprising or intriguing new fact(s)
  • Raise questions your readers want answers to
  • target a specific audience
  • Should advertise a benefit
  • Should not be too long, but long enough to get them to read on
  • should provoke curiosity and believability.
  • have a sense of urgency to it
  • use language that engages readers
  • use the product name in it
  • seem like it’s talking to one person

A headline should give the reader the impression that the message was created for them.  Imagine something you’ve read recently and you get a sense that this message was created for “me.”  This is a good rule of thumb to apply.

Don’t’ use cliches, unless you rework them to your own advantage. The best advice I have been given is to brainstorm all the possible headlines and then pick the best one. With the advent of videos, it’s going to be even harder to engage a reader now!  Hopefully, the art of writing won’t be lost. Don’t’ give up your writing to a bunch of crappy and cheap videos.

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