Hello Copywriters: Here are 5 things you should know about Editing

Proofreading and editing are not the same Things.  Here are 5 strategies you should consider when editing a piece of Content.

5 practices often overlooked

Spelling is still number one.  Some spell checks give false underlines, not only that but if you spell a word right that is actually a word then the spell check ignores it. What helps me is keeping a list near my desk, of my most commonly misspelled words.  This saves me having to keep looking up the same word over again.

2.  Read your copy aloud to check the voice and tone of your writing.  Make sure the tone is consistent all the way through so as to not confuse your reader.

3.  There are no better ways to serve your reader then adding value to what you write.  adding value keeps your readers coming back.

4.  Grammar and sentence structure should also be tweaked to give the reader the best experience possible.  Bad grammar can trip up your reader and make them click off your page. Having said that…some people are more forgiving than others.

5. Does the piece flow well?  To improve flow you can add elements like headings and sub-headings.  Make sure you include transitions between ideas.

These simple but often overlooked things can make the difference between good copy and bad.

Happy Writing

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