7 more ways to increase blog Traffic

Finally, here is the post that follows 7 ways to increase blog Traffic.  Summer has got in the way again, but I’m back from my holidays.  The information on this blog comes from a book written by Robin Houghton, and it’s new.

Post by Debbie L. Belair


Use longer and more specific long-tailed keywords.  You can use a number of different free keyword tools.  Every single post should be keyword optimized to help readers find the content they are searching for.  However, avoid keyword stuffing overkill, because Google is set up to have radar to detect keyword stuffing.  It depends on the platform you use, but usually, you will be given a limit.  Not sure about WordPress, but Weebly shows you where to put meta tags and descriptions used for SEO.

Make comments on other bloggers Posts

If you make comments and “like” other blogs, often they will reciprocate and check out yours as well. This is a great way to give exposure to your content.  It might mean that a person who wouldn’t have found your post otherwise, reads it. This has happened to me a few times. If you’re lucky they may share the post with their readers.

Don’t get too hung up about Numbers

It takes time to get traffic to your blog.  People have a lot more to read now then 10 or 20 years ago, and often, they won’t read they might just skim content to see if it catches their interest.  If you follow a few basic principles, and you make your content interesting and easily read… you will find that the number come eventually.  Don’t’ give up just because you aren’t getting a lot of traffic yet. It comes with persistence and hard work.

Post often and Regular

You don’t have to post every day, but maybe once per week. It’s more important for the content to be of high quality, and if it means less frequent posting, then so be it.  Others may disagree, but I think quality content that offers value to readers is more important than how often you post.

Teach or inspire Others

Write content that inspires or teaches hands-on tips.  Many people blog on their personal experiences, and that’s ok if it adds value to the reader.  Remember, that reading is optional, and you have to give them a good reason to read your post.  Telling stories draws a lot of readers in. I like writing information centred content, especially about health and writing tips. Health and wellness topics are great because it applies to everyone.

Email lists and Newsletters

Not everyone has time to write newsletters, but having a sign-up email list helps you keep track of your readers.  This is helpful if you have some news or you are going to be off somewhere for a few months.  If you are selling a product or service, this is a must-have.

Hopefully, this little post has been informative.  Remember, there are often differing Opinions on how blog posts should be written.  The ideas I have put forward come from ideas that I hear the most, from experienced bloggers. One thing I struggle with is… how long should a blog be?  If you have ideas on this please feel free to comment or send an email.


2 Replies to “7 more ways to increase blog Traffic”

  1. I agree with the ideas ‘s. And I have also posted along that line before.

    To answer your question, I will use my own posts as example: my average number of words per post is 500. Occasionally, I also surpass the 1,000 words per post mark.

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