What are the benefits of Podcasting?

See why podcasts are becoming the new marketing tool.

Debbie L. Belair

What is a Podcast?

Remember radio shows? Now you can listen to digital audio episodes.  You can download them and listen to them at your convenience.  They are categorized according to your interests.  The best source is Itunes, and you can download iTunes for free even if you don’t have an iPhone. I have been listening to podcasts for many years.  Topics include health and wellness, writing, spiritual healing, and sports.

How they can benefit your Business?

Podcasts are more personal than written marketing material.  They can give your business a voice, and increase your branding power.  Adding a voice to your marketing efforts can help build quick relationships with potential customers.  People will learn to associate your voice and expertise with the products and services you sell.  I actually took copywriting courses with some of the podcasters that I listened to.  I felt like I had known them personally.

A good speaking voice is necessary though.  The stronger your speaking voice is, the more authority you will build with your audience– It’s only natural.

Many podcasts have interviews with people that are credible in their fields.  This is harder to achieve, but it’s well worth the effort. Many people are happy to be interviewed.

There is some basic equipment that is required.  I won’t get into that because I don’t know enough about the technology involved.  It is doable though, I’m told. Some people have told me that it’s more economical than traditional advertising.

Your Audience

As with other advertising methods, you need to focus on your audience like you are speaking one to one with them.  Give them resources that relate to your product or service.  People always like to find out more about something that interests them, and it will build your credibility. If you like, you can even include special offers.

How long should it Be?

It depends.  I have listened to some that are ten minutes long, and some that are an hour and a half long.  Most are 30 mins to an hour long.  After that, I think you risk losing them.

Some podcasts ramble on about things that are not related to the topic at hand.  Those are the ones I quickly turn off.  I think it’s ok to put some of your personal life into it, but don’t get too carried away.  It’s always about what’s in it for them.

My list of examples of well-done Podcasts: ( These are on Itunes)

High Income Business Writing

Dishing Up Nutrition

TED talks Daily

The Writing University Podcast

It’s easy to see why podcasts are becoming popular.  They are cost-effective, and all you need is some basic equipment.  Check online to see what technology fits your needs.

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