What Works In Marketing?

Marketing is a big topic in today’s digital world.  Trends change, but basic human nature doesn’t change.  The type of business you do may dictate the kind of marketing approach you use.  See what you may have overlooked.

Many experts believe that you should develop a marketing plan.  Personally, I have found that writing down goals is achieved quicker for some reason, even my daily to-do lists. You can create specific goals for timelines.  Make charts and put them in a place that you can see every day.

Here are a few tips to Consider:

  •  People buy from people they “like, “unless you are selling products on Amazon.
  • Word of mouth may be best for small businesses.  It’s time-tested.
  • Focus on what the customer needs.
  • Build relationships and clients will give your referrals.
  • Don’t make yourself superior to the client.
  • Create best customer lists instead of expensive ad campaigns.
  • Personal contact speaks volumes.  This can be done in person or by phone.
  • Build yourself a great website, and make sure keep it updated.
  • Show what you can do, websites, product displays and photos.
  • Networking is big because you can get referrals.
  • Don’t email spam.
  • Create a mailing sign up list.


What works best for your type of business depends on many factors. Don’t forget to try something new if what you are doing isn’t working.  Do some research on pricing strategies, so that you know if your pricing is competitive.

Some people engage in social media marketing, but that’s not enough. You need a human presence. Blogging is helpful, it certainly increased traffic on my website. Give readers some value in your posts.  I like writing “how to” posts. You might consider guest blogging, or have guest posts on your site.

Create newsletters, they give value to your website.

After you make contact you can mail a brochure with a letter and business card.  Peter Bowerman, author The Well-Fed Writer, suggests that you always give a person two business cards because one might end up in another person’s hands.

Some Last words about Blogging

I come from an academic writing background, so I had to make adjustments in my writing style.  After blogging for two years, I discovered something valuable.  This summer I published a post that was emotionally charged, and it was something many people have experienced.  Guess what?  My readership increased almost overnight. I guess it’s fair to say that emotionally charged content is good for your blog.  As a copywriter, I have been taught that appealing to people’s emotions is a valuable marketing tool.

You will hear many people out there giving advice about marketing.  Different types of marketing work for different types of clients. check what your competitors are doing. Keep an open mind.


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