What does success mean to You?

How do you measure success?  This is a great topic at this time of the year. I spent most of my holiday time this year taking Linked in courses.  I will share some tips with you.

The meaning of success should be attached to what you want, not what other people want. Your vision of success might be clearly different than your friends– I hope it is.

If you want to be happy and feel successful then first you need to have a vision of your personal success.  To aim for perfection in anything is not possible, and will only make you feel miserable.  Yes, it is important to make your best effort.

Many people have great skill in something but they aren’t successful because they didn’t plan well enough. Here are a few things you can do.

Set Goals

Writing down goals is a great way to start.  It’s like forming a map, like GPS in your mind. We need clear goals, or it might be like driving a car without a roadmap. I recently watched a video on linked in by Chris Croft. He recommends the SPV system. He also suggests setting goals in different areas of your life from 1-10 years. Your personal life is one category, and your work is another.

Setting goals helps you get things done.  I know that having a day-timer has helped me get more organized than ever before. This year, I went nuts buying calendars.

  • S stands for Scary or ambitious
  • P stands for Positive
  • V stands for visual
  • E stands for Excite
  • M stands for measurable

Set achievable Goals

This means that you would do well to set short and long-term goals.  By achieving short-term or smaller goals, you will feel more successful.  Some people find that writing out their goals every day helps their long-term success.

Get Organized

Making lists is a great way to stay organized. I used to only make daily goals (to-do lists).  Now I set weekly, and monthly goals using a diary and a day timer. I keep everything I need for my work within arm’s length reach of my computer.  My walls are quite decorated with pin boards and my favourite sayings. Getting rid of distractions is part of being organized, especially if you work at home.

Staying organized decreases the chance you will forget that important appointment or task you need to do the next day.  Planning your day the night before can have its advantages too.

Try to understand Others

If we were all the same life might be boring.  When somebody doesn’t agree with you, let them know that you understand their position anyway.  Always disagree politely to maintain respect for the other person.  You can ask questions.  I have done this to ward of bullies, and often they just give up.

Learn the art of Persuasion

More often we get what we want if we show what exactly we need and why.  People are more likely going to give you something if there is a 50- 50 outcome. This is one reason marketing is taking that trend because it works. Use the person’s name, and avoid too many uses of the “I” word.

Join Groups

Groups of like-minded people can create success because people feed off of each other. Join professional groups on linked in or create your own.  Being part of a group looks good on resumes too.  Social media offers us many choices now we didn’t have years ago.  Take advantage of this.

Associate with the right People

This starts with your friends.  You can choose who to spend more time with.  Spend time with people who support your goals and don’t listen to those “naysayers.” If you post on social media you may attract followers who may have an influence on that next job application you fill out.

Hone your Listening Skills

This is hard at times.  Many people won’t listen to you, and it’s frustrating.  Often if you show you understand their perspective, they will respect you in the long run. Listening is said to be one of the most valuable skills you can have. It’s a hard one, so you have to practice.

Keep adding new Skills

We can all do this one.  Find out what skills are in demand for your work, and you will more likely be promoted.  Some people apply for jobs without having the knowledge of what skills are necessary, and often that leads to big disappointments.

There are many learning platforms out there.  One I use a lot is Udemy, another one is Linked In.  If there had been these learning opportunities 20 years ago, I wouldn’t have attended University.  Education is great, but paying back years of student loans isn’t.

The most important thing about success is defining what you want ahead of time.  Forming a roadmap isn’t a guarntee to success, but it certainly helps with the journey.  You can add changes to your map of success at any time.  Your goals will change over the years, and that’s ok.

Good Luck in the New year!

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