Tips for increasing reader Engagement

You can’t just write for any audience.  The question is how do we know what our audience wants to read?

Many novice writers think that everybody should be interested in what they write and post online.  There is so much competition for the reader’s time, and readers usually want something quick and easy to read.  Having said that there are people who want to read more to find more information about something of interest to them.

Know who your audience Is

What’s their age? Their gender, their education? Are they business people, single moms, or executives?

How to engage your audience:

  • Tell a story.  Research shows that humans, no matter their age, love stories.  Connecting with others is part of human nature.
  • Use “you” instead of using “I” or “we.” There are fewer words than “you” that people love.
  • Write for an 8th-grade reading level. People’s language skills vary.
  • Create value in your content.  A take-way for the reader. Give them a reward for reading.
  • Write short paragraphs, 4 lines at the most.
  • Use verbs and avoid the passive voice.
  • Use images or videos to enhance your content, but don’t use it in place of text.
  • Be tactful, and don’t offend your audience.  There is nothing worse than talking down to readers!
  • Using quotations can make content more meaningful and add credibility to your message.
  • It always helps to add your own angle and tone, because it makes it unique.
  • We all love learning new words, but if you are posting on the internet it’s best to avoid flowery language.  It doesn’t impress your reader.  If your reader is stumbling over words, your message will likely get buried.


Research your Topic

Doing your research helps readers who want to know more about the topic you are writing about.  If you want to get likes and shares you have to have credibility, but you don’t have to be an expert in a field.

Great sites are: and

Doing a few things well will ensure that your content gets read.  Yes, it’s hard to apply these principles on a consistent basis.  The most important takeaway from this post is to make sure you add value to what you post if you want your stuff read and shared.

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