Meet me

 Dear Readers

This site will feature a Writing Tips blog and a Health and Wellness blog.

My background

I was a personal trainer in my younger days.  I am still very active in fitness.  I will explore important issues, and popular topics about fitness, diet, and health. Playing sports is part of many people’s fitness routines, and I will share my knowledge and experiences. Research is important – anything I post will be supported by research.

I discovered writing while I was attending University for a major in psychology.  I took a few creative writing courses.  I soon started writing poetry and short stories. People have inspired me to write a blog– both my blogs relate to the things in life I am most passionate about-Health and creative writing.

Please note that I am not an expert and the posts I write should not be used in place of medical advice.

What do I offer readers?

I would like to share my journey of learning the craft of Creative Writing.  In this blog, I will post tips on writing fiction and non-fiction.  I will refer you to sites that are valuable for learning. After University I completed a Diploma in Creative Writing with honors standing. I have written some poetry and short stories, and am thinking about posting them at some point.

My health and fitness knowledge is extensive and I keep up on the latest research for Fitness and Wellness…because it is my passion. Most of my work experience is in Healthcare.

Thanks to those of you who leave comments, much appreciated.

It’s true that drive and passion fuel success.

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