Meet me

 Dear Readers

This site will feature a general writing tips blog, mainly aimed at new writers. Since I am a Copywriter, I will also feature Copywriting tips

*  See my Wellness for Over 40’s Blog.  I have latched on to some great resources.

What is my writing background?

I discovered writing while I was attending University for a major in psychology.  I took a few creative writing courses.  I soon started writing poetry and short stories. I write blogs because I think it helps readers, and it helps me to review important information.

What do I offer readers?

I would like to share my journey of learning the craft of Creative Writing.  In this blog, I will post tips on writing fiction and non-fiction.  I will refer you to sites that are valuable for learning. After University I completed a Diploma in Creative Writing with honours standing. I have written some poetry, and short stories, and am thinking about posting them at some point.

The background from creative writing has led to the start-up of a copywriting business, and I now have paying customers.  That too has been a journey, but it’s all “writing.”

Welcome to my site!

Thanks to those of you who leave comments, much appreciated.

It’s true that drive and passion fuel success.

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