My short and Sweet Newsletters



for the month of May/2017

Hello friends, thanks for taking the time to visit my site. My site is still very new and I am finding new ways every day to add more to your experience.

I have decided that each month I am going to post a short newsletter, called The short and Sweet for the month Of… This post is the first one.  I finally bought a book on wordpress, so it shouldn’t be long before I figure it out. May has been good for my new site.  Bless you readers!

keep writing


For the month of June/2017

Hello, friends, it’s summer again!  Hope you are enjoying my posts.  Please remember that my site is hosting two different blogs, Health and Wellness, and writing tips.  I often edit things so you might see the same post twice.

Hope your writing is going well.  Summer is a time for outdoors, so get outdoors and enjoy it while you can.  Check out They have loads of free information at your disposal.  Before I began to Blog I bought a book called, The Golden Rules Of Blogging [& When to Break Them]. Great book, you can get it at Chapters. The author is Robin Houghton.

Keep Writing


For the month of July

Hello, friends, it’s been a busy two months, hot weather, fires, floods.  I have kept up on new posts though.  Hope people are enjoying my posts.  I hope you all have had a good summer.

As I mentioned I am in the process of learning WordPress and still discovering new things to add to my site. My business site is If you need bloggers you can contact me at

Keep Writing


For the month of August

Hello friends, boy the summer has disappeared fast this year.  Floods and fires-not a good summer here.  I have finally figured out most of the word press functions now.  Thank you, readers.

Now the fall is almost here it’s back to business folks.  I am planning on posting more blogs. I am now ready to take my copywriting business to the next level.

Keep Writing.


For the month of September

Hello friends, happy fall. I am happy to announce that I am now a guest blogger on “I Suck At Writing.”  If you haven’t checked out this site it’s great for new writers. It includes tips about writing of any kind.  I have a new blog on called Non-fiction writing tips.

Keep writing.



For the month of October

Hello friends, Finally I have my website together.  Hopefully, I have left all the trials and tribulations of learning WordPress behind.  I have also just got a new computer and switched to Windows 10, and it has made my life much easier.

My health and wellness posts are now being posted on my other word press site, and writing tips will be posted on

Keep writing


For the month of November

Hello friends, yes…it’s almost Christmas time again.  This month marks my first year in word press.  I just found about about a poetry contest for the end of Jan.  I think I am going to enter in order to keep practicing my short fiction writing. I am sure it will keep me busy over the holidays.

Today, I am celebrating 69 views on my business website( for one day).

Happy Holidays to all!


For the month of December

It’s almost Christmas.  Sorry I haven’t written too many posts this month.  I am very busy with clients.  I hope to get something up later this month.  Today, is also my twitter anniversary, oh yay.  I hope you all have great holidays and don’t forget to…

Keep writing




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